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BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) and BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) are full time three-year undergraduate degree courses in management. Compared to normal graduation programmes such as B.A., B.Sc. and B.Com, BMS and BBA undoubtedly offer a greater value addition to a student in terms of skill enhancement and knowledge enhancement.


The undergraduate degrees in Business Management i.e. BMS and BBA are relatively new courses, now being offered by most universities in India. With globalisation and liberalisation becoming the buzzwords of the 21st century, it is apparent that a degree in management studies could be your key to unlocking the door to a glorious corporate career.


It is certain that most companies who recruit graduates as Executive Trainees or Management Trainees or Sales Trainees will definitely prefer a BMS or a BBA management graduate to a graduate from the arts, commerce or science streams. Students from the BBA batches of some of the good colleges of have been able to attract top- notch jobs from blue chip companies.


However, most of the BMS and BBA students prefer to go in for an MBA after graduation before they start working the post-graduation degree in management i.e.  MBA or MMS has always been a very popular career option. An MBA from one of the top colleges will definitely end up with a very lucrative and financially rewarding jobs these days.

Job Opportunities

Most of the BMS and BBA students are picked up by organisations as Executive Trainees and Summer Trainees. There is absolutely no doubt that any organisation looking for graduates will prefer BMS and BBA graduates as they have a greater knowledge of the different aspects of business, have interacted with managers from the industry and have stronger communication skills.


However, placement opportunities are good only for the students from prestigious colleges. The college from where the student has done his BMS or BBA determines the kind of job and salary that he will get.


Students from good colleges would normally start as Executive Trainees with monthly salaries ranging from Rs. 15,000/- to Rs 20,000/- per month. They then, with experience, move to the position of Assistant Manager and keep moving into senior management positions with great improvements in their salaries and perquisites.

About the Courses

Business Management deals with the science of planning, organising and employing a business organisation's resources for creation of wealth for all those who have a stake in it.


The BMS and BBA courses are three-year full time graduation courses that aim at transforming a student into a corporate personality.


These courses with their intensive syllabus and a wide range of value addition modules will indeed enable the student to aspire for higher studies in premium business schools both in India and abroad.

Being professional courses, they ensure a healthy balance between theoretical foundation and practical exposure to the present-day business world.

The objective of imparting instructions for these courses is to  groom the students with comprehensive inputs and develop an all- round personality that would enable the students to take up the challenges of the corporate world and also become responsible citizens of our society.

The objective of these courses is to equip the student with inputs Necessary to

  • Excel in premier business schools

  • Take up challenging jobs in the corporate sector

  • Foster a thinking mind that is sensitive to societal needs and issues, thus making him/ her a good human being and a responsible member of society.

Subjects of BBA / BMS

The subjects of BMS and BBA are relevant to the current trends in management and help the students learn about the various functions of any business organisation.

The subjects include:

  • Marketing - Sales, Product Development, Market Research, Marketing Management, etc.

  • Finance - Business Accountancy, Costing, Company Law, Financial Management, etc.

  • Human Resources Management

  • IT Applications in Business - Management of Information Systems

  • Operations Management - Materials Management,

  • Logistics

MCM BBA / BMS Entrance Test Training Programs


MCM offers a comprehensive ONLINE Training Program or an


Crash Course immediately

after HSC (12th Std) Exam

2 Year Training Program for FYJC (11th Std) Students

1 Year Training Program for SYJC (12th Std) Students

Correspondence Course 

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