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Mumbai University Colleges

Bachelors of Mass Media 

Mumbai University Colleges offering Bachelors of Mass Media (BMM)

Semester Wise Details 

Detailed Listing of some subjects of Mass Media

  • Effective Communication Skill- This Subject is to equip students, who already have competence in language structure and basic abilities in reading and writing, with the higher-level skills of

A. Close, Critical Reading of informative and discursive texts

B. Effective presentation in writing (concise statement, use of appropriate organizational and rhetorical patterns and style)          


C.  Efficient oral communication

D. To equip students with structured and analytical thinking skills

  • Introduction to Advertising -The objective of this subject is to give a brief insight into advertising and its different aspects to the students of media.

  • Introduction to Journalism -The objective of this subject is to give students an understanding of the history and development of journalism in the global as well as the Indian context.

  • Introduction to Media Studies -The main objective of this subject is to expose students to the well- developed body of media theory and analysis and to foster analytical skills that will allow them to view media critically.

  • Introduction to Public Relations - The teaching purpose of this subject is to familiarize the student with the concept of Public Relations and its role in the world of business and commerce.

  • Understanding Cinema - The objective of this subject is to acquaint the students with the various styles and schools of cinema throughout the world

  • Radio and Television - The objective of this subject is to introduce students to radio and television as important and essential forms of media.

  • Print Production and Photographs - The Subject helps the students to understand the principles and practice of photography and also enables them to enjoy photography as an art.

  • Reporting - Reporting imparts writing and research skills required in reporting and also helps them in the understanding of what is 'news' and how to approach different stories.

  • Editing - The basic idea of Editing is to allow improvement in language skills and to impart skills required of a sub-editor

  • Feature and Opinion - This subject helps the students appreciate differences between report and feature/ opinion writing.

  • Journalism and Public Opinion - Journalism and Public Opinion critically examines the relationship between the press and its public, its role in public opinion formation and how this relationship may be manipulated to suit powerful interests.

  • Press Laws and Ethics - This subject helps in understanding the laws governing the press and how they impact journalists and journalism in India as a whole. Press Laws and Ethics examines complex points of ethical conduct a journalist faces on a day-to-day basis.

  • Broadcast Journalism - This helps in understanding the development of broadcast journalism in India. Through broadcast journalism, students can also learn how to handle equipment a camcorder and recorder for a story.

  • Internet and Issues in the Global Media -  This subject helps in learning about the Internet as a news medium and to examine the journalistic scene in South Asia.

  • News Media Management - The main objective of the learning of this subject is to allow students an understanding of the financial and organisational management of a newspaper and other news media organisations. It also allows students to understand the laws and processes involved in launching their own media vehicle.

  • Copywriting - This subject helps in familiarising the students with various types of copywriting, developing their inherent writing skills and training the students to generate, develop and express ideas

MCM Mass Media Entrance Test Training Programs


MCM offers a comprehensive ONLINE Training Program or an


Crash Course immediately

after HSC (12th Std) Exam

2 Year Training Program for FYJC (11th Std) Students

1 Year Training Program for SYJC (12th Std) Students

Correspondence Course 

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