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St Xavier's College

St Xavier’s College, Mumbai

St. Xavier's College is an Autonomous College under the University of Mumbai. Academic Autonomy granted by University Grants Commission places trust in the Faculty of St. Xavier’s College to take up the responsibility of designing its own courses, framing its own syllabi and conducting its own evaluation for its students.


The college awards the degree of Mumbai University to its students

St. Xavier's College has prepared intensively for Autonomy, working out its Credit System, Semester System and its System of Continuous Internal Evaluation, with Faculty visits to other Autonomous Colleges, with Faculty Seminars and Workshops and with training in different methods of evaluation.

The College is confident that it will succeed in meeting the aspiration of its students and of Indian society, in bringing international quality Higher Education to its beautiful heritage campus.

About the BMM course

This is a course introduced from the academic year 2000-2001, by the University of Mumbai. It has been designed to provide students with a firm grounding in communication skills.


It aims to develop an ability for critical thinking and creativity and to give the students an opportunity to combine the theoretical curriculum with practical applications, through detailed research, lucid writing skills, oral presentation skills and a mastery of various mass communications media in our global information age.

It is a three-year degree course, with six semesters, managed by a full-time and visiting faculty drawn from the Media Sector. The areas of specialization in the third year are: Advertising and Journalism. During the second year, the students receive on-the-job training through Internship.


Besides this, Group Discussions, Seminars and Field Visits are conducted during the course of 3 years. The College is committed to providing in-depth training using the latest equipment in computers, practical experience, industrial visits and summer placements, wherever possible.

Eligibility and Selection Procedure 

Students who have passed the H.S.C. examination in Arts, Science or Commerce, are eligible to apply for this course.


The candidate must have passed 10-F2 exam in any faculty. Those awaiting their 10+2 exam result this year may also apply.

Selection Process

Students are admitted to the programme, if they meet the required standards of the three stage selection process as described below:

Stage 1: Online Test

All eligible candidates for BMM have to take an Online Test consisting of questions on

Stage 2 : Marks obtained in 12th Std.

The marks obtained in 12th Std are collated.


Stage 3: Final Selection

Final Selection will be based on the weightage given below:


Annual Fees (approx) Rs 35,000/-

MCM Mass Media Entrance Test Training Programs


MCM offers a comprehensive ONLINE Training Program or an


Crash Course immediately

after HSC (12th Std) Exam

2 Year Training Program for FYJC (11th Std) Students

1 Year Training Program for SYJC (12th Std) Students

Correspondence Course 

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