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Mass Media Studies


A course in mass communication is one of the most interesting courses for students who are creative and have a flair for writing. With the internet and television reaching individual homes across the country and the world there is a great need for professionals who have been trained to communicate with the masses. It includes a career in the fields of advertising, journalism or public relations.


Advertising has always fascinated several students. Many students feel that this looks like the area that they want to get into but are not sure how. The students also feel they are creative... and have great creative ideas regarding advertising but do not know how to enter the world of advertising!


Journalism Due to the boom in news-based organisations, there is an increase in demand for reporters, editors, writers, etc. Today, with the advent of internet, television channels and new newspapers, this field is wide open for any student who wishes to take it up as a career option. For most students who want to enter this profession, 'how' still remains the consistent question.


Public Relations Most big multinational companies today employ public relations professionals who can help them in marketing their products, events, services and help them build a goodwill in the market. Public Relations is a very important function today as it helps the organizations in building stronger relationships with their customers.


As the name suggests, a course in mass communication helps students learn about all the different media through which they can reach the masses i.e television, radio, internet, newspaper, cinemas, etc. through advertising or journalism. It goes without saying that these courses are ‘different’ in terms of its structure and method of both teaching and evaluating students.


The Students are interesting and the students learn about a variety of Subjects. Most Students are highly motivated and take a keen interest in the subjects in Mass Communication. They show initiative in all their projects and continuously try to re-invent themselves.

The objectives of this course are

  • To provide students with a firm grounding in studies related to various mass media through an understanding of Society’s diverse cultural foundations and to stimulate social responsibility.

  • To develop critical thinking, creativity and personal integrity theoretical curriculum with Practical applications through detailed research, lucid writing skills, oral presentations skills and mastery of various mass communications media in the global information age

Job Opportunities

After successful completion of the course the students are expected to get employed in

  • Media Planning houses

  • Advertising agencies

  • Journalist in newspaper / Television News Channels

  • Television Production houses

  • Television Channels

  • Ad film making houses

  • Independent Film makers

  • Radio Channels

  • Corporate houses

  • NGOs

  • Social Communication

  • Public Relation Agencies

  • Media Organisations

  • Corporate houses

  • Event Management Firms

  • Marketing Communication Professionals etc.

Top Institutes

Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication, Pune :

3 year degree course of BA ( Mass Communication)

Mumbai University Colleges:

Colleges in Mumbai offer the three-year degree programme in Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM)

Manipal Institute of Communication, Manipal:

Three Year BA ( Media & Communication)

Whistling Woods and TISS:

Degree Programmes in Filmmaking, Media & Communication & Fashion

MCM Mass Media Entrance Test Training Programs


MCM offers a comprehensive ONLINE Training Program or an


Crash Course immediately

after HSC (12th Std) Exam

2 Year Training Program for FYJC (11th Std) Students

1 Year Training Program for SYJC (12th Std) Students

Correspondence Course 

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