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Five Offbeat Careers for Law Students

1. Arbitrator - Helping you find a reasonable solution

The work of an Arbitrator involves amicable settlement between two parties out of the court.

The Arbitrator acts a third party and helps people to resolve their problems fairly as there are many cases in the court that are backlogged.

One must possess excellent communication skills and discretion. As an adjacent career option becoming an Arbitrator is relatively very easy.

2.Journalist - The voice of those who need us most

If writing is your passion and strength, then your skill can be used to report on a legal beat.

This is because the understanding of complicated legal system, access to legal sources and work ethics could make you a very successful reporter.

3. Law Professor - Legal Knowledge. Human Wisdom

One of the most rewarding professions is teaching.

You can use your legal mind to train the next generation of lawyers, passing down the skills and wisdom you have to help them succeed in their career.

Being at the podium is a very satisfying profession and the spare time can be used for other productive writing and security of tenure down the line.

4. Legal Recruiter - Connecting people for a vision

Life as a legal recruiter may be perfect especially if you are more of a people’s person.

As a legal recruiter, you will help your client find the right lawyers (for businesses) and the right legal firm (for individuals).

You can work at your own convenience and this flexibility will help in a better work-life balance.

5. Entrepreneur - Legal Insight. Business Instinct.

A legal mind and a business attitude is the very powerful combination.

The knowledge of various laws related to business makes setting up your business much easier than the others.

You can be your own boss.

And with the knowledge gained through your studies you can face the challenges that awaits any entrepreneur.

There are other options in addition to the ones mentioned above, but these occupations stand out from the rest. So if you have studied law, you can use your creative skills and excel in these promising offbeat careers.

Most of the Law schools in India grant admission based on AILAT, CLAT, LSAT, Symbiosis LAW School, Maharashtra CET.

We hope to help you at every step as you move closer to your career goal. We wish you all the success ahead!

All the best !

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