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Specialised UG Degree Programs


5-Year Integrated Degree Courses  

5 year Integrated courses usually follow a 3+2 years’ pattern which includes bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes. Therefore, pursuing an integrated course after 12th helps take off the burden of worrying about admission after the degree course and helps the student choose a specialization beforehand.


For Example

The 5 year Integrated Program in Management of  IIM Indore offers a 3 year BBA + 2 year MBA . Similarly the 5 year Integrated Program in Management of Krea University Offers a 3 Years BBA (Hons) + 2 Yrs MBA to the students.


Exit Options :  Normally the students will have the option to exit after 3 years with a UG degree.


3 -Year / 4 - year Degree Courses  

Today the graduation degrees are being offered with different specialisations and with a variety of combinations of subjects. 

For example B.Com (Economics) / (Economics & Analytics) / B.Sc. (Economics)


According to the National Education Policy 2020 - A regular Bachelor’s degree will be awarded after the 3 years programme and Honours degree will be offered after the 4 years programme.

The Students now have a wide variety of courses and specializations to choose from. However when choosing a degree program, it's essential to consider the career goals, the specific requirements of the program, and how it aligns with the interests and aspirations of the student.

After completing high school (HSC or equivalent), there are various degree courses available for students who are interested in pursuing a career in management, finance, business-related fields and also careers in the fields of advertising, journalism or public relations. Here are some different management degree courses you can consider:


Courses : BBA / BBA (IT) / BMS

Mass Media

Courses : BMM / BA (Mass Communication & Journalism) /BA (Mass Communication) / BBA (Branding & Advertising



Courses : B.Com / B.Com (Hons) / B.Com (Management & Finance)



Courses : BAF (Bachelor Of Accountancy & Finance) / BBI (Bachelor Of Banking & Insurance)/ BFM (Bachelor Of Financial Markets)/ B.Sc. (Finance)



Courses : B.Com (Economics) / (Economics & Analytics) / B.Sc. (Economics)


Hotel Management

Courses : Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) ,BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration

Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT) ,BA in Hotel Management, BBA in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, BBA in Hotel Management


Liberal Studies

Courses : BA (Liberal Arts), BA (Liberal Studies), BA (Hons)-Liberal Arts

Different Degree Courses after 12th

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Good Colleges for Degree Programmes in Management
    (BBA/ BMS/ Integrated Programme in Management)

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Good Colleges for Degree Programmes in Mass Media

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Good Colleges for Degree Programmes in Commerce, Finance, Economics,
Liberal Arts & Others

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About the Course

The Bachelor’s programme in Hotel Management is a three / four years comprehensive course that has been developed in response to the needs of those seeking managerial employment in the Indian and international hospitality industry.


It provides a vocationally rich and relevant course of education that is intellectually challenging and will prepare students for a successful career by providing them with managerial inputs, in addition to strong skills development vital to a career in the hospitality industry.


It combines an extensive educational curriculum with industrial training, providing graduates who are fully attuned to competitive aspects and demands of the hospitality industry.


Typically, a hotel management course would start with a focus on skill development, practical training and theory inputs in areas like front office operations, housekeeping operations, and food production, etc.


This is followed by theory inputs at the supervisory level, complemented with a six to eight months on-the-job training programme that provides an exposure to the industry.


The students are also exposed to theory inputs of management subjects like financial management, marketing management, tourism planning and development etc.

MCM UG Courses Entrance Test Training Programs

MCM offers a comprehensive ONLINE Training Program or an 


Crash Course immediately

after HSC (12th Std) Exam

2 Year Training Program for FYJC (11th Std) Students

1 Year Training Program for SYJC (12th Std) Students

Correspondence Course 

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