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Top 5 Interview Questions


Top 5 Interview Questions and Important Tips to get it right

Appearing for your first interview for admission in any college seems like a big challenge for most of the students.

In this blog, we look at some important interview questions that you can prepare and ace the Interview to get admission in the college of your choice.

Top 5 Interview Questions

1) Please Introduce Yourself

It is important that you prepare your introduction. If you do this well, it will add to your self- confidence and also give a good impression to the interviewers.

In your self-introduction:

  • Greet the Interviewers and give your formal name.

  • Tell them about your college.

  • Talk about your academic achievements.

  • Share with them your extra-curricular activities .

2) Why do you want to do this course ?

Each student should have strong reasons for the choice of the particular course .

He can study the following to answer the question:

  • Subjects offered by the college in the course and indicate which subjects he likes in the course.

  • Teaching methodology of the different subjects - The student can discuss the learning methods that are motivating him to join the course.

3) Why do you want to join this college ?

To answer this question, your preparation would include research about the college for which you are interviewing.

A student would probably want to join the college for the following reasons :

  • Interesting courses offered by the college.

  • Strong Management.

  • Good Infrastructure offered by the college.

  • Industry driven Projects undertaken by the students of the college.

  • Good Jobs and placements provided by the college etc..

4) What are your career goals ?

Your career goal or objective should be clear in your mind. Frame the answer to this question so it is ready if asked. Do not leave it general or vague as it can show lack of ambition and clarity. Instead, talk about how you expect to grow in your field.

5) What are your strengths ?

Confidently inform the interviewers about your strengths.

  • A Smile always helps.

  • Be professionally dressed.

  • Be punctual.

  • Maintain Eye Contact.

  • Speak clearly with confidence.

  • Prepare, prepare and prepare !

Remember, the interview is all about you and how well you represent yourself. So prepare , be confident and follow the above tips.

We are sure you will be able to get the college of your choice!

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