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Which degree is best for Hotel Management?

Students who want to pursue Hotel Management are very often confused between the different degrees offered by various colleges.

There are two main Degrees in this field :

Lets see the difference between the two :

This Three-Year / Four Year full time degree regular course equips students with all the required skills, knowledge and attitude to efficiently discharge supervisory responsibilities in the Hospitality sector.

This degree involves a study of all the four areas of the Hotels:

  • Food Production

  • Food & Beverage Service,

  • Front Office Operation and

  • House Keeping

The student therefore develops a broader understanding of all the aspects of the hotel.

Further it also provides managerial inputs in Hotel Accountancy, Food Safety & Quality, Human Resource Management, Facility Planning, Financial Management, Strategic Management, Tourism Marketing and Tourism Management.

This Three-Year / Four Year full time degree regular course trains students mainly in the culinary field .

This degree involves a study of the following main areas :

  • Menu Planning

  • Food Production

  • Food & Beverage Service,

  • Kitchen management

  • Food Safety and Sanitation

  • Nutrition

By the end of the Course the student will be absorbed in the Kitchen of Hotels and Restaurants , Learn Catering and get introduced to food styling. Food journalism and food photography.

So its very clear that if a student wants to learn about all the areas of the hospitality industry he should take up a degree in hospitality/hotel management. However if he wants to focus on food production and the kitchen, he should pursue a degree in Culinary arts .

All the best !

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