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How do I get my dream job ?

All students dream of getting a great job with a big salary . Like all other things in life this also needs planning right from today !

So the first step is plan a resume which showcases all your skills , qualifications and academic achievements .

Further we need to do things which will help us stand out in a crowd .

But how do we do that???

The employers have not seen us…they don’t know us on a personal level…and there are so many people out there who must have applied for a particular position.

It is our Curriculum Vitae (CV or Resume ) that’s speaks for us even before we face the interview.

In commercial terms, we are a product and the CV is like our product description which focuses on our USP’s…in layman terms “strong points.”

We need to work on our “Personal Branding”.

With the limited skills, knowledge, experience it is our responsibility to do our branding and marketing which land us “the job of our life time ” – our dream job.

In this digital era, employers rely more on database for selection of employees. Job search portals, other online platforms are the tools which helps the recruiters for selection.

It is very simple for employers as they just have to type in the keywords describing the job and a huge list pops up. By combining the technology and algorithms, it has become difficult for candidates to get hired. Are we ready for it???

Personal Branding now matters more than before. It cannot be created in a day. It requires time and effort over a period of time .

You have to be active both online and offline as these actions have a huge impact on your branding and influence your future career.

Networking as it is called, is a chance to express yourself.

As it is rightly said that actions speaks louder than words. In this digital era, having a strong image and effective communication will help you to be the one who leads the job market. Even though “you can’t judge a book by its cover” but only catchy covers gets more attention.

So its time for job seekers to pay attention to their “brand identity” what they want their recruiters to see as a positive “brand image”.

In the academic courses , the syllabus is equipped with useful knowledge and practices to help students before they enter the job market.

The students become distinctive, and have a huge amount of self confidence in them and present themselves online and offline at the various events and this helps them to capture the golden opportunities available.

So, to start your careers and polish your resumes start by making the right college choice whether it is Hospitality , law , Business Studies , Mass Media or any other stream .

MCM Counsellors will be happy to help you in this journey.

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