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People these days have become food savvy and dining out is no longer considered a luxury. People dine out often and now check the reviews about the restaurant, its food quality, presentation, ambience, value for money, so on and so forth before visiting the same.

But do you think that these reviews and research done are really helpful? This is a relative concept and vary from customer to customer.

To avoid customer dissatisfaction , it was desired that there should be a universal judging parameter for all restaurants.

That’s where “ Michelin Star” comes in !

The idea of “Michelin Star” evolved from Paris based Michelin Guide which shaped the fate of many a chefs and restaurants around the globe.

But what exactly is “Michelin Star” and why it is considered so important?

Curious ! So, let’s take a look at the history of these STARS…


It actually dates back to the early 19th century, when two brothers Andre and Edward Michelin, started the world famous French motor company “Michelin” .

In order to encourage more travel they started publishing the “Guide Books” for travellers to encourage road travel for new drivers to newer destinations in Europe.

This was done with the motive of increasing the sale of their tyres. But eventually they also included hotels and restaurants for the motorists which helped them to find the best meals while touring.

These hotels and restaurants were also reviewed over a period of time on the basis of their food quality, flavour and culinary techniques.

They annually published “Michelin Blue Guide” (The oldest European Hotel and Restaurant reference guide book) which is one of the many guide books published by them for over 100 years.

As their business grew their guide became more popular because of the addition of the dining element.


The stars are defined as follows:

1) One Star- “A very good restaurant” (Une très bonne table dans sa catègorie)

2) Two Stars – “Excellent cooking, worth a detour” (Table excellente, mèrite un detour)

3) Three Stars – “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”(Une des meilleures tables, vaut le voyage)


The Michelin Star Ratings is currently active in 30 territories around three continents from Europe to America and is gradually spreading to Asia.

As of now the restaurants in India are not judged but hopefully someday we may have a Michelin Star awarded restaurant in India as well.

It is not easy to earn the stars. They are not permanent in nature. The earning and losing of these coveted stars have a drastic effect on the success and business of the hotels and restaurants.


There are many Indian Chefs who have already earned these coveted stars. They are:

· Vineet Bhatia

· Alfred Prasad

· Atul Kocchar

· Karunesh Khanna

· Sriram Aylur

· Vikas Khanna

· Manjunath Mural

So, if you aspire to be a Chef , aim for the Michelin Star, as they are epitome of excellence.

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So get in touch with MCM for more details about Hotel Management as a career…

We wish you all the success!!!

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