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Chalk Talk : Mass Media

The Learning Begins –

Mass Communication is one of the few industries that offer lucrative career options and provide unique opportunities to express your creativity.

The field of Mass Communication or Mass Media, is growing leaps and bounds. At the home-front and at a global level there is a growing demand in the industry for trained professionals.

If you are aspiring to be a Journalist, Editor, director in a good production house, the modern world prospects for Radio Jockey or Video Jockey…you have all the options to choose from.

Explore the course…

Mass Media or Mass Communication simply means communicating with the masses. It refers to the various mediums used for transmitting information to the masses.

Students will be introduced to variety of quantitative and qualitative approaches to researching communications, institutions, technology across the complex global digital media platforms.

Thinkers N’Blinkers :

The intended learning outcome upon the successful completion of the studies are -

1) An ability to design and execute a sustained study of a chosen media and communication texts, audience or platform.

2) Reflect on their own use of media and relate this to broader theoretical issue.

3) Understanding of the key issues, strategies and ethical responsibilities of media and communications research.

College Matters…

A career in mass media requires lot of relevant exposure and that can only happen if one chooses the top institutes.

Here is a list of best institutes that provide a wide range of degree programmes in Mass Media.

Widely acclaimed as India’s premier institute the 3 years degree program of BA (Mass Communication), offers a comprehensive learning through traditional academics, research as well as cyber and experimental learning.

Manipal Institute of Communication (MIC) Manipal offers 3 year degree program in BA (Media and Communication). It is an exciting place to learn where they celebrate your creativity through interactive and immersive learning techniques.

St. Xavier’s, Mumbai is affiliated to the University of Mumbai and offers a 3 years degree program in BA MCJ (Mass Communication & Journalism) and BMM (Bachelor in Mass Media).

Colleges under Mumbai University offer 3 years degree programme in Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM).

Whistling Woods and TISS offers 3 years degree Programmes in Filmmaking, Media & Communication & Fashion. It is founded by India’s leading Filmmaker – Mr. Subhash Ghai, with the objective of creating world class film, media & design professionals.

The focus is majorly on value based education and mastery over technical skills with springboard to exciting careers. Make your mark in the world of Mass Media.

“Whoever controls the media,controls the mind”

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